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What are the best
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FAQ Moving Box

Answers to your frequently asked questions here.
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These FAQ's cover some basic questions and our packing tips will save you money for an affordable move. We know who provides the best packing boxes from your dishes to your television.

Do you disassemble beds?

Yes, we disassemble beds and and at no extra cost!

How did you get get into the moving business?

It was a complete accident. I was helping someone that was in need of painting that a good friend asked me to help. While being there I was approached by the owner of the building. He told me that he liked what I did. He asked what else I could do. I mentioned to him that I have an extensive background in many fields. He asked if I would like to come work for his moving company. After being with them for a period of time, I came to realize they did not have a heart for the customer. They didn't they care for the men that did the work either. They seemed to only care if they were paid. My heart is not in that kind of work. After a while of seeing that things were not changing, I felt that it was best to build a company with a heart for the customer and the movers. Since being in the moving industry, I have personally handled over 1,000 moves while also giving great service with the best possible price. This is our ongoing vision, to move people with great care and affordable prices and to care for the movers who serve those we move.

How much does it cost to hire movers per hour?

We take a different step in this area then most. It seems a lot of companies find ways to take money or place fees for almost anything. Others promote their business by offering discounts. We keep it simple as life should be. Just hourly as well as the truck rate. We have a 2 hour minimum. Truck rate will vary upon distance traveled. Any move over one hour of driving will be a flat rate bid in person.

How much should I tip local movers?

It's very kind of you to ask! There's no absolute rule to tipping movers but, it's generally best to split the tip with crew member in an equal amount…10%–20% on the ticket depending on the workmanship and difficulty.

I have a last minute move. Is that Ok?

Give us a call! We work hard to arrange schedules to your moving needs.

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

Go with someone you feel comfortable with. Moving is a stressful time. The last thing any of us want is to be uncomfortable.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

Our crew members have on the job training. We work with them daily in all aspects. Moving is not just grabbing an item and putting it down. It is something that takes patience and attention to detail. Items are generally moved in the same ways depending on the area they are moved through. Our goal is to guide our crew members in the ways these items are moved, and to handle them as if they were their own.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

We prefer speaking with them over the phone. For us a true understanding of someone's needs can be shared in a lot more detail then through a message. From there we can find an overall time frame of their move. As well, as an estimated cost.

What types of customers have you worked with?

We work with many people. Some may section some in different ways. As for us, everyone is the same. Whether you feel the items you have are not of much worth? Or if you feel you have a number of items that you cherish. We care the same. We want to handle all of them with care, to make sure we deliver them with the same integrity as when we were trusted to pick them up.

What types of customers have you worked with?

We work with many people. People like you. You deserve a great move. Whether you feel the items you have are not of much worth, or if you have cherished items we care the same. We want to move all of your things with care. We deliver your things with the same integrity as when we were trusted to pick them up.

What will our movers not move?

Hazardous Materials… Separate out Perishable Items… Plants don't like long distance moves… Documents and Photos… Jewlery and Currency… Medication and medical devices.

What's the best and cheapest way to protect hardwood floors during a move?

Accidents can happen even with the most careful movers. Protect your hardwood floors with ram board. Ram board is an inexpensive material that you can buy in rolls from companies like Home Depot and Lowe's. It rolls out flat and is reusable. Roll it out and fasten it to the floor with 2 in. painter's tape. That's it!

Ram Board

Painter's tape

Pack it up, pack it in, let us begin.
These are the packing products and methods that we recommend to all our clients. We are not affiliated with any of the products linked to in this sections. We think just that they're great products that'll make your move cheaper and more secure.

Pack one room at a time

Start with areas least used, such as your garage, attic, and basement. We recommend these boxes from Home Depot. They're heavy duty moving boxes and the cheapest we've found for the quality.
Fort Worth movers recommend these Home Depot Boxes

Packing Paper or Plastic?

Use plenty of packing paper to fill the spaces inside of boxes and serve as a cushion. When a carton is full, fill in gaps with crushed paper to keep contents from shifting. Foam-packing pellets or blankets and towels make good fill around fragile items.
Fort Worth movers at Secured Moving Company recommend packing paper

Place all TV’s in TV boxes

We recommend this Flat Panel TV Moving Box Kit - Fits TVs up to 70” from Haul
Fort Worth movers TV packing tips at Secured Moving Company recommend this television box from Uhaul
Do these things

More packing, organizing, and peace of mind advice for your move

Best practices for making your packing experience the best. Take out the stress and hassle of moving by starting with the right areas and packing the right way.
Empty drawers of all items.
Pack similar items together. Delicate stemware, for example, should be packed with glassware and other fragile items, not with books or heavy items.
Keep items that go together in the same box, such as the remote control and cables for the TV.
Use clean newsprints to wrap items individually. Wrap delicate china and stemware in tissue paper, making sure all edges, rims, and corners are protected. As well as adding packing paper as needed.
The biggest money-saver while moving is to securely box any loose items. If it fits and you're able to pack in a box, either pack it or take it with your person.
Pack one room at a time, starting with areas least used, such as your garage, attic, and basement.
Start your packing way ahead of the moving day, packing two or three boxes a day. This approach makes a big job less stressful.

Mark the outside of boxes as you go with the name of the room and what items you have in them.
Make a high-value inventory and notify your mover of high-value items to be included in your shipment. Leave the cartons with high-value items unsealed until the mover has inspected them. Or better off, plan on moving the items securely yourself.
Aim for a per-box weight of no more than 30 pounds; it makes moving a lot easier for you and your mover. Check that the bottoms of all cartons are taped with three strips of tape and will hold the weight of contents.
Wrap smaller items in tissue paper to keep them from getting lost during unpacking.
Don’t do these

Avoid these things to save time and money

Avoiding a few simple mistakes can save the day on moving day.
Don’t Procrastinate! This is never good. Moving is already stressful alone, don't add more fuel to the fire.
Never leave any items in a dresser or anything with a door or drawer. The items will move around, which can cause damage to them or where they are located. This also adds weight to the item, which can make it harder for your mover to move, as well as cause damage to the legs of the item when moved.
Do not leave any open boxes. This causes your mover to be unable to stack them properly. This can also make it to where it will take more time for your move to be done (cost to you).
Take all items that do not fit in a box yourself, if possible (excluding vacuum, lamps, etc). These small items will take your mover time. Which again, time is money.
Here are more great answers from our friends at Moving Waldo

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