Specialized Moving Services

At Secured Moving Company, we believe that every item has its own story and significance. And that's why our Specialized Moving Services are designed to handle your most cherished and unique items with the utmost care and precision.

Piano Moving

The beauty of your music should move with you, no matter where you go. Our piano moving services ensure that your precious instrument travels safely.

Upright Piano Moving

Moving an upright piano requires more than just muscle; it requires finesse and a deep understanding of the instrument. Trust us to handle your upright piano with the care it deserves.

Grand Piano Moving

A grand piano is a masterpiece, and moving it is our craft. Our experienced team uses specialized equipment to ensure your grand piano arrives safely at its new home.

Antique or Fine Art Moving

Your valuable antiques and fine art are more than just items; they are pieces of history and culture. We handle them with the care and respect they deserve.

Paintings Moving

Each stroke of a painting tells a story. Our team ensures that your paintings are protected and transported safely, preserving their stories for generations to come.

Sculptures Moving

Sculptures are three-dimensional art that requires careful handling during moves. Our team is skilled in ensuring their structural integrity is maintained throughout the move.

Automobile Moving

Your vehicles are not just means of transport; they are part of your lifestyle. Our automobile moving services ensure they reach your new home safely and efficiently.

Cars Moving

From classic cars to your everyday ride, we provide secure and efficient transport arrangements for a smooth and hassle-free move.

Motorcycles Moving

Whether you own a chopper or a street bike, trust us to deliver your ride safely to your new home.

Pool Table Moving

Moving a pool table is all about maintaining its balance and alignment. With our professional disassembly, transportation, and reassembly services, you can enjoy a game of pool right after you move in!

Remember, moving doesn't mean leaving behind what you cherish. Let Secured Moving Company ensure your precious items move with you, safely and securely.