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Have you ever wondered why it seems as if the guys on the crew are working against each other when you hire a moving company? Better yet, they seem to be working in a completely different direction than you were hoping for. In this episode of “Beat the Movers,” we will go over how building a relationship with your moving company can make all the difference from a costly and destructive move to an efficiently affordable one.

Don’t commit until you ask the right questions

More than just a moving company in a nice shirt

Moving is like a relationship, a dating one, that is. However, it can turn into a bad marriage if you pick the wrong mover because you may never get the answers you want when it comes to if they are going to repair what they have broken.

Ask about any charges plus hourly fees

Being open and honest about all the items you may have is essential. Do not shortchange anything; this will only lead to a dysfunctional relationship. We prefer to go room by room, going over all items larger than a box. While going through each room, a good representative should give tips on preparing things to help eliminate the probability of damage. Because as we all know, in a relationship, there may always be a possibility of a breakup. But it's up to us to build healthy boundaries to keep one from happening.

Now, if your mover is listening (vital to a good relationship), they will note how long each part of your move will go (since we are all unique in our way). With this, you should get a comprehensive range of how long your move may take. From there they should give you an estimate of the costs. This should include any charges, not just the hourly fee.

When it comes to the cousins (Movers) in the relationship, the movers will have not only the proper tools to embrace (knowledge, dollies, moving blankets, straps, tape), but they will have the grit (hired because of their hearts and their minds, not just because they say they want to work) to make the relationship a success.

So don’t just swipe right on a filtered profile picture because it looks good! Find a mover with the care and compassion to listen to your heart, and be willing to give you what is necessary. Not just what is wanted.