Benbrook – Out and About in a Quiet Town

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In the southwest corner of Tarrant County lies a rather quiet town named Benbrook. The town’s original name was Miranda, but in 1876 was changed to Benbrook by a Native American man named James M. Benbrook. Mr. James arrived in Miranda in 1874, and eventually convinced the Texas & Pacific Railroad to lay tracks through his city, therefore the land is now named after him.

Prior to World War 2, Benbrook only had one school with just 64 students all being taught by one extremely dedicated teacher. The town on the whole had less than 100 residents until 1945 when businesses started popping up due to Benbrook’s close proximity to Fort Worth.

Out and About

Benbrook doesn’t have many attractions, but there are still some fun ways to spend a day or night out close by. Here are our favorites!

First on our “Out and About” around Benbrook is Rockwood Go-Karts and Mini Golf—If you’re looking for a spot to take the kids on a breezy Saturday evening, Rockwood Go-Karts and Mini Golf would be the ideal spot to take them. This place was inspired by a retired rodeo cowboy in the 1960s. With a passion for others, the Founder Rocky brought entertainment to those around him!

Next around town is about 15 minutes away is the infamous Splinters Axe’s and Ale’s - Axe throwing is a great sport or a way to pass time with a buddy or two. Even though there may not be a bowling alley in Benbrook, Axe throwing is the next best thing! This place has hourly packages, and offers local craft beer to those who dare to wield an Axe!

Third out which is in town is the Benbrook Stables this equestrian center was listed as “Best Trail Ride” in Fort Worth Magazine in 2021! Riding horses is always a nice way to clear your mind and connect with an animal, especially if you’ve never stepped foot on a ranch because here they have instructors. With more than 9,000 likes on Facebook, this place is more than just a place to check out.

We can't make a list anywhere without bringing a Heavy Hitting Park ( Pun Intended) to you.

A Park Near and Dear to Our Hearts

Dutch Branch Park is home to a lot that goes on in the town of 24,605. With home runs on the mind, this place is home to Benbrook High School’s Baseball and Softball teams! In the past 6 years, the baseball team has been in the Playoffs x 5: ‘17, ‘18, ‘19 ‘21 ‘22 District Champs: ‘19 ‘21 ‘22 Regional Quarterfinals: ‘21 State Quarterfinals: ‘19. The softball team was back-to-back District Champs in 2020 and 2021, with an undefeated season! These ladies know how to play the game! This park also has a little bit of everything for a family day out; picnic tables, a pavilion, a playground for the kids, and the Neighborhood YMCA.

Local Businesses

Italian Food

If you believe in supporting local businesses (like we are), that are not only local but on point then look no further than Paisano’s! These guys know Italian! Not only is their food rated the best in town with 4.6 Stars on Google, but their service is second to none! You can have your go-to Chicken Alfredo, or branch out a little with a Margarita Pizza! They even have Gluten free options for those that have a hard time finding them when eating out! So what are you waiting for?! LET'S EAT!


Second to our last highlight of Benbrook has been a community cornerstone attraction since 2000. The Whitestone Golf Course has a backdrop set upon 150 acres with a hint of the hill country while being laced with matured trees for days. This 18-hole golf course wants you to have everything you need to prepare for a great game of golf. That's why they have a complete set of practice facilities, including areas for full swing, chipping, and putting. Come in and warm up before your round - we all know we play better because of it! Or hey,  just buy another mulligan from your buddy? We won’t tell!


Last but definitely not least on our list in Benbrook, Texas is the Veteran Owned and inspired Black Rifle Coffee Company. This southern-owned, simple, not complicated coffee shop is worth a Shot! Their coffee is richly brewed to perfection, with an amazing breakfast and lunch menu that's perfect for the 30-minute lunch stop. 

Is Benbrook My New Home?

For housing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and close proximity to a major city, Benbrook is a pretty decent spot to settle down in. 

As previously stated, Benbrook isn’t particularly a hot spot for any super fun activities, but the money you’re saving on housing, you can eventually use as gas money to travel to have fun elsewhere around downtown so it’s not too shabby.