Elizabethtown: A Texas ghost town that's still hauntingly beautiful

Elizabeth Cemetary in the Elizabethtown Ghost Town in Denton County, TX


Elizabethtown, TX, is a ghost town with a short but lively history. Settled around 1850, the city was once a come-and-go community that supplied the cattle trail to Kansas. However, as Elizabethtown became vulnerable to Indians and the train moved east, it began to decline. Today, Elizabethtown is an off-the-road destination for history buffs and fans of ghost towns alike.

The Decline of Elizabethtown

The decline of Elizabethtown began in the late 19th century, moving after the civil war. Today, Elizabethtown is a popular destination for tourists and ghost hunters alike. The town's short and storied history is still very much alive in its hauntingly beautiful cemetery.

The Texas and Pacific Railway bypassed the town by two miles east when it was built in 1881, and many residents moved to the new city of Roanoke. The only remaining evidence of Elizabethtown is the cemetery.

Elizabethtown is located in southwest Denton County, Texas. To get there, take Interstate 35E north from Dallas. Take exit 479B for TX-120 E/Sanger Rd toward Denton. Turn left onto TX-120 E/Sanger Rd. After 2 miles, turn right onto Elizabethtown Rd. The cemetery will be on your left.

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The Legacy of Elizabethtown

One evening, Elizabethtown acquired its unfortunate nickname, Bugtown, after a swarm of bugs infested a gathering church congregation. The bugs the swarm was dense and severely affected the gathering crowd that the service was canceled, and the townspeople gave it its nickname. Perhaps it was an ominous foreboding.

Despite its current state of abandonment, Elizabethtown is still a beautiful place. The town's old cemetery is hauntingly beautiful. And the town's location, nestled in Denton County, is simply gorgeous.

Should I Move to Elizabethtown?

If you're looking for a change, Elizabethtown might not be the perfect place. It’s a ghost town for a reason. More lively locations nearby are Roanoke, Ponder, and Justin.

Elizabethtown is a fun place to visit if you're looking for a quick stop and are looking for something to do. If you're looking for a place to call home, check out nearby communities.

If you're moving to North Texas, Elizabethtown is worth a visit. This ghost town is located in Denton, and it's full of history and character. Although it's now abandoned, Elizabethtown was once a thriving community. Today, Elizabethtown is a popular destination for history buffs.