Secured Moving Company LLC Top-Rated Mover in Fort Worth

Best Movers in DFW Award by the Dallas Morning News

Having Helped Over 5,000 Clients, This Local Company Holds A Remarkable 5/5 Rating.
Awarded Best in DFW by Dallas Morning News.
Owing Success To Its People-Centric Customer Service

Since 2016, Secured Moving Company LLC has helped more than five thousand households and business owners who need professional moving services. The Texas-based company is regarded as one the best moving companies in the Forth Worth area, garnering an impressive five of five rating from over five hundred customer reviews.

The company offers a full range of services from packing and item disassembling to the actual transport. “From soup to nuts,” as cheerfully described by the folks at Secured Moving.

Owner Arthur Tignor recalls his humble beginnings when he worked as an employee for another moving company. According to the Texan entrepreneur, he felt that the company he worked for lacked genuine care for their clients and only focused on making money.

After spending his time learning the blueprints of the business, Arthur decided to leave his job and establish his own company. Secured Moving Company LLC is built on his philosophy that the essence of any business is to help people.

Having personally assisted in more than a fourth of their clients, Arthur also imparts his principles to his staff members. “We teach them to treat each move as if it were our own – our client’s move is our move. It’s Golden Rule,” said the company owner.

Another critical aspect of Secured Moving’s service is transparency in pricing. The company’s approach is to provide clients with a simplified pricing system that is upfront without concealing any added charges to manage expectations effectively. 

Upfront pricing and clear communication are attributes their customers attest to in many of the company’s reviews. Arthur and his team have received numerous positive feedback throughout their years in the industry. One recent client states, “I had a great experience with these movers. Everything was explained to me upfront. The guys were on time and ready to work. They were very efficient, careful, and polite. The price was amazing. Very affordable. I knew exactly what I was paying for. There were no surprises.”

Accompanying its superb customer service, Secured Moving Company also utilizes proven logistical techniques and methods and modern equipment. The team also openly shares professional moving and packing tips with anyone who reaches out to their hotline for assistance.

When asked to share one of his best tips, Arthur answers, " When packing, bigger is not always better. When packing your boxes, we suggest keeping the weight under 30 lbs – fragile and heavy items in a small box; pots, pans, and shoes in a medium; clothing and linens in a large. This tip can help ensure the safety of your items during the moving process.”