Tips on Ensuring Your Fragile or Valuable Items Are Safe When Moving

Our Fort Worth Moving Company securely packs items like these trophy heads

Are you worried about the safety of your most precious belongings during a move? Whether an item holds sentimental or monetary value, the thought of losing or damaging it can be devastating. Fortunately, there are several ways to ensure your delicate and valuable items remain safe during the entire moving process. Here are some tips to keep your possessions secure in Fort Worth:

Make an Inventory

First, make an inventory of all fragile or valuable items to determine the necessary packing supplies and tools required to transport them safely. Keeping a checklist of these items is helpful, and taking photos or videos of them before and after the move is recommended.

Store Valuables in a Safe Deposit Box

For the most secure storage of valuables such as jewelry, heirlooms, and documents, consider renting a safe deposit box at a local Fort Worth bank for a small fee. However, be sure not to leave anything needed immediately before or during the move.

Take Valuables with You

If you prefer to keep your valuable items with you during the move, take smaller items with you instead.

Pack Your Items Carefully

Use extra bubble wrap or padding to protect fragile items during transit, and label boxes containing breakables as "FRAGILE" to ensure professional movers take added precautions when handling them.

Fort Worth movers carefull packing tophy heads
We don’t always use bubble wrap but its flexibility came in handy when wrapping these beautiful trophies

Buy Proper Packing Materials

Equip yourself with the right-sized containers, boxes, paper wrap, and bubble wrap to keep your valuable and fragile items safe during the move.

Get Insurance

Take out an insurance policy to ensure financial coverage in case of any losses or damages during the move.

Hire a Fort Worth Moving Company

Consider hiring a local moving company like Secured Moving Company, a local company in Fort Worth with experienced and highly-trained movers who are punctual and use efficient moving techniques.

Securing, moving and storing your most prized possessions requires careful planning and execution. Invest in the services of a reputable moving company to ensure your delicate and valuable goods arrive safely at your new home. Contact us for a free quote today!